As my 80th year looms on the not so distant horizon I search to promenade my understanding of the “Revelation of Jesus Christ” interpreted on the application to and in my very soul. The era of earth’s history has immigrated to where mankind shall bring devastation to its habitation, environment, and souls of men as the final chapter is conflagrated as shown by prophetic Scripture. During this church age the pure Pentecost apostolic church became the ‘synagogue of Satan’ and yet within its walls, with heart searching effort, can be found the gospel life to be impregnated in every repentant soul. Christ’s attributes and character that He yearns to share enters into each life that empties self and allows the sealing efforts of all of heaven, against all temptation and opposition, and trumpets that light of Christ as warning and judgment to all of earth’s inhabitants that can no longer claim ignorance in overcoming of that gospel truth and indwelling life.

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Based on an ongoing weekly international group Revelation Bible Study since 1986. The revelation 2 & 3 churches are listed in a prophetic order where the majority embrace non-gospel traditions, doctrine and dogma while the minority replaces self ambitions and motivations with the attributes and character that Jesus possess and shares listed in Revelation one.

One imperative point: Jesus stated implicitly that only the over-comers would be with him in heaven. (He saves us from our sins, never in them)

Revelation 4 & 5 is Pentecost in Heaven. The Revelation six seals are heaven’s work in eternally sealing those who accept Jesus’ robe of attributes, character and righteousness while in the face of progressively increasing opposition.

The Revelation 8-11 trumpets are God’s warning and limited judgments on the apostate church and the revelation 15-18 plagues are the end time ruin of the false church and sinful world. Revelation 12-14, the center of the book, reveals the two churches, the pure one and the apostate church/state, which has persecuted and killed truth in every form for 1500 years.

Revelation 19-22 theaters to the whole universe the end of sin, and the beginning of eternal life.




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